Drop Shipping Home Business

A drop shipping home business can be a very profitable venture is done right. Success is down to a reliable dropshipper, top-notch service from you and profit margins big enough to make it worthwhile.

What is dropshipping?

drop shipping home business

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Dropshipping is where you, the retailer sells a product to a customer but doesn’t actually hold the stock. This stock is held by the wholesaler who “dropships” the goods directly to the customer – either white-label or with your own branding.

Dropshipping simply means you don’t have to carry stock, which in turn frees up your cash flow and allows you to concentrate on the marketing side of your business. Dropshipping businesses firms are becoming more and more popular, but without the correct guideance you can easily land yourself in a pickle.

Ensuring you have reliable dropshippers who will meet your demands, ship quickly and consistently, answer your questions and leave enough profit margins to put a roof over your head is vital. Take a look a my personal dropshipper free membership companies

But you also need to have a market to sell to. Dropshipping is particularly great online; but there’s only a certain number of dropshippers will be successful at eBay or Amazon Marketplace or PlayTrade.

Establishing your own traffic online is key to your own long-term profits. They say ‘run your own business’ – but really you’re just working for eBay. My suggestion – make eBay work for you! Include it in part of your business, but not MAKE it your business.

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