Online Freelance Work

The internet is a fantastic place for online freelance work; geographic barriers removed and with electronic-efficiency, it’s easy to work for or outsource work across the internet. If you have a specific skill or talent which lends itself to the internet, you can easily earn money selling your services.

• Can you write well, accurately and consistently?

• Can you proof-read work for others?

• Do you have any linguistic skills or translation abilities?

• Are you adapt at certain software applications such as Photoshop?

• Do you have any experience in an industry or niche?

Once you’ve identified a possible skill or trait, you should look at getting on freelancing networks. Although there are various specialist and niche freelancing networks, one of the biggest out there is

Once you’re established on one or more freelancing networks, and are earning a steady income from your work and feel it’s time to ‘move up a gear’, consider starting your own web platform to offer your services.

** Check out this business guideance on how to be a professional writer

The key thing to remember here, is that you will stuggle to match eLance and other service providers for traffic levels, so don’t expect dozens of jobs quickly. For this reason I suggest building a quality, niche-content website around the theme of your particular skill set or hobby.

As your traffic grows, so will your credibility and status as an ‘expert’ in your niche. You will be able to distinguish yourself from rival services at freelancing sites (for example) and perhaps even charge more money! Not to mention the lack of commissions that freelancing sites will take.

Have a look how Sarah changed her life.

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