About Me

My name’s Ed Fry and I own a small, growing portfolio of websites.

I first began to build websites when I discovered Solo Build It in the autumn of 2008. I built www.mini-laptops-and-notebooks.com and within 6 months I was already in the top 1% of all websites for traffic according to Alexa. I was learning so much, I wanted to expand further.

I began pondering over the idea of creating a ‘How to Build A Website/Online Business’ website with SBI in May 2009 – and eventually I couldn’t bare the waiting any longer and jumped upon a special offer SiteSell were doing. The result was this website…

I hope to provide a whole suite of valuable tools, techniques and training for people already established online but perhaps looking to take their online business to the next step. I’m also planning on a whole series of systems to get people established online in the first place.

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