Mission Statement

Saturday 3rd October 2009

Are you sick of the rubbish blog posts, $97 e-books and aggressive internet marketing tactics engineered to extract every last cent from your pocket? I am. I’ve turned 16 not just a month ago – it’s been almost 12 months since I first got into online business, and what a ride I’ve had.

There have been some successes; first cheques and bank deposits are always nice but selling my first website to a software developer over the summer has to rank top of them all! Equally, there have been some pretty ‘epic fails’ such as getting conned into an ‘eBay job’.

Perhaps the biggest thing I’ve learnt is to understand people’s motives for what they are doing online and base judgment upon that. Are you getting recommended a video-course because it’s earning the referrer a 50% commission or because it’s a good video course? Does someone really know how to rank well at search engines on competitive terms or are they ‘blind-following-blind’ regurgitations of what other people have said? Is the wholesale lot you’re about to buy for resale on eBay a genuinely good value investment, or a £2,000 shipment of misery that is going to intertwine your next two weeks with HM Customs and Excise, upset buyers with faulty goods and seller who has run off with your money?

Perhaps then you can question my motives for building this site; originally it was to learn more about making websites and genuine profits online. I’ve sort of evolved a new idea; finding incredible value online.

Cheap is actuality; value is perceptive. Unnecessarily-expensive products are simply to product of greedy marketers and unknowing, naïve buyers – and such behaviour is rife on the internet. So I’ve fashioned this sort of “mission statement” to show you where I am.

• I will pay for and review products and there claims made• I will disclose where real value is, as opposed to what put’s the most cash in my pocket• I will (over-time) develop products of my own which represent value-for-the-masses• I will try and answer the question, ‘how to build a website’ from the perspective of someone who is still figuring out what to do (afterall, we are all still learning right??)• I will try to help you; one way or another I’ve collated a half-decent resource of e-Books, software, useful websites and contacts in most fields of internet marketing. Get in touch and I’ll see if I can help!

With regards to value, that starts right now. You see there is a “secret” alternative to those “$97 e-Books” and I’m not talking about finding the info for free online – unless you’re lucky enough to know where you’re heading you could end up reading junk. They’re called books and they’ve been around for a couple of years now, perhaps as far back as when humans were first recognised as they are. They are reviewed by people called editors who will ensure they are of an acceptable standard before being sold; there’s also a company no-one buying online marketing products seems to have heard of – Amazon? They sell online marketing books, DVDs, software, mp3s at the price you would pay for them with any other genre and NOT the price the marketer tries to make you pay. Call me old fashioned, but have I just saved you thousands of pounds on buying people’s home study courses, e-Books, video course etc.?

Perhaps you’re not convinced? If you were to ‘buy’ the information required to set up a successful and long term online business via the internet marketers method, by the time you’ve bought a few products you’re more than likely going to have spent a lot of time and/or money before getting somewhere. Amazon promises quality – shipping is quick too – but at a price you can easily afford.

Am I talking rubbish? I’m still trying to figure it all out – and yes I have swallowed by own words. I’ve bought a selection of books as well as DVDs and I plan to review them – hey, perhaps I should start a book club? For example; the ‘Ultimate Guide to Google Adword’s cost me £8.79 and yet it is nearly A4 size and is actually heavy! Perry Marshall (the author) is an expert in the field – see his website - that compares with the half a dozen Adwords e-Books I have in my inventory with an “RRP” of $97 which are barely 50 pages long and comprise mostly of recycled content from Google’s own advice. This barely constitutes an opinion, let alone a review – but I look forward to reading it!

That’s my mission statement. Done.

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