How does Affiliate Marketing Work?

How does affiliate marketing work? Affiliate marketing is where a merchant such as Amazon partners up with a third-party in order to promote Amazon’s own product range and boost sales. The third-party ‘affiliate’ then drives leads to Amazon, and gets commission on any of those leads which buy something. The rest is simply detail...

However, the “detail” is what determines whether or not you’ll be a successful affiliate or not. Most affiliates don’t earn over $500 per month – a failure in most peoples eyes. But it’s still a very attractive way of making money.

Affiliate programs mean that the merchant can expand their marketing efforts with very little extra effort, whilst affiliates get to earn money off sales whilst not having to handle stock, customer relations etc.

how does affiliate marketing work

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Of course it’s in the interest of any merchant to maximize their affiliate programs, but ultimately the success of any affiliate program is entirely down to the affiliates themselves. Getting targeted traffic, warming it up on your website so that it is in a “red-hot” willing to buy position and delivering it seamlessly to the merchant is tricky – a million pound question if I saw one pass by!

how does affiliate marketing work

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