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So you want to create a membership website? You’ve heard of how people have completed successful membership site launches and been catapulted into financial freedom? This is a real opportunity.

The trouble with membership websites is they require a huge volume of work and effort prior to launch, and this uphill struggle without any immediate reward is what can put many people off. That said, the rewards are huge and the dependable, recurring income created is a rare asset in internet business.

There are a number of issues you need to address before considering starting to create a membership website, principally – what topic?

First off, what are you an expert in? What would people pay for from you? Why would they pay for information from you as opposed to anyone else, even free sources like blogs or websites? This is important to nail down; how can you get in between ‘what people want’ and ‘what YOU can give’. What is your unique selling proposition?

Secondly, how can you prove your expertise and knowledge so that people are convinced to purchase from you. ‘Pre-eminence’ or PREselling is crucial, not only to winning the loyalty of your prospects, but also to prove yourself as a credible partner to potential affiliate and joint venture partners – these guys will probably bring you most of your sales!

membership site masterplan

Pre-emimence is a key feature before you create a membership website, as taught by Yaro Starak in his Membership Site Masterplan – a brilliant free report including a free 2 hour 46 minute audio course – as a forefront to your membership sites success. I highly recommend downloading, listening to and listening to again Yaro’s course.

Technology wise, you need to create a membership website with a specific script to create and manage your password-protected, login-based website. The market leader here is AMember, although there are other providers, even Wordpress membership plugin options if you want to keep things simple.

Marketing your membership site is dependent on building that ‘pre-eminence’ – there’s two ways I recommend doing this. Firstly, publish your quality content on the web using a web platform – I prefer to build websites but other people like to create blogs to build an online presence. Either way is up to you.

Next, it’s highly recommended that you build an email list where you can communicate with and cement a relationship with potential members. AWeber is the market leader in the email marketing field; they offer a free ‘Test Drive’ to see what they can do for your business.

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