Search Engine Optimization Success Stories

Search Engine Optimization success stories are something for us all to take note of and watch; analyzing and evaluating the best in the business to try and improve our own websites performance.

I’ve prepared an analysis of - #1 at Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask - for the brutally competitive keyword ‘cheap flights’ from my computer in the UK. Check out the screenshots at the bottom of the page!

Wordtracker, the keyword research service estimates a total of 8,077 daily searches for ‘cheap flights’ - you can view the latest figure at Wordtracker

In this series, I look at on-page optimization – what is written for humans and what is written for search engines, how they layout the page for maximum effect and make use of the keyword ‘cheap flights’.

> Part 1: Keyword Placement

> Part 2: Using Meta Tags

> Part 3: Anchor Text Links

> Part 4: Link Building Strategy

I've designed each part to be perfectly readable to those new to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) yet still helpful for those still in the industry. Take a look at my SEO definition. is an award winning website established in 1996 designed to find the cheapest available flights from all sorts of airlines, travel agents and brokers – in seconds, as opposed to days. To this day, it still relies on the same simple business model. is an old domain, but there are many other factors to bring about SEO success.

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search engine optimization success stories

search engine optimization success stories

search engine optimization success stories

search engine optimization success stories