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If you want to make money by blogging, you’re going to have to understand how blogging works, what it can be used for, the traffic patterns of blogging and ultimately, what monetization models work well to make money by blogging.

I personally don’t like the concept of blogging. Without a regular (some might say “intensive”) posting pattern, you will fail to build up any traffic and visitor momentum. Even if you do gain a following of loyal readers, you can lose or cut your momentum (and income) that you’ve built up if you don’t maintain a regular posting pattern. So what happens if you take a holiday? Or you have a job with a project or something which is going to consume lots of time? Or even, the ability to do whatever you want, whenever you want?

Perhaps that’s the big lure of blogging; you get to work only a couple of hours per day, earn passive income and do whatever you like. There are people who do that successfully such as Darren Rowse, but they’ve built up their blogging businesses over years and is “the” expert on blogging.

In reality, whilst starting up your blog you’ll likely experience the following:

• Work long hours and late into the night to earn passive income

• Not experience any significant subscriber or even traffic numbers

• Experience frustration from apparently ‘talking to (or with?) no one

Darren Rowse runs ProBlogger, one of the few blogs I subscribe to. His posts are always very insightful and provoke thoughts, but this recent article I thought was particularly relevant.

How to Make $30,000 A Year Blogging

Last night I was chatting with a blogger who was feeling completely overwhelmed with their goal of making a living from blogging.

I asked them how much they wanted to make from blogging.

They responded that they wanted to be a full time blogger.

I pushed them for a figure – what does ‘full time’ mean for you?

They thought for a moment and said that they could live off $30,000 USD a year (note: they wouldn’t have minded earning more but would be able to quit their current job at this kind of rate).

$30,000 a year sounds like a lot to make from a blog – especially when you’re starting out and are yet to make a dollar. To this blogger it seemed so overwhelming that she had almost convinced herself that it was not possible.

Read the article and Darren’s recommendations. He talks about separating your income streams into different categories – I’d even suggest looking at running a small number of blogs to maximize the area of influence, whilst maintain enough focus on each one to contribute thoughtful and insightful posts to each blog.

Still, $82.19 per day is the figure quoted – so how to generate that much from a diverse source of income, or more importantly how to generate a traffic and subscriber base that will support $82.19 worth of daily earnings. But to be totally honest, $30,000 per year isn’t that much compared with

The answer to that question lies with the experts who have “made it” for use of a better phrase. There are three bloggers you must know if you want to make money by blogging.

Darren Rowse


As aforementioned, Darren Rowse runs ProBlogger – the webs definitive blog about blogging – and has written a great book, ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six Figure Income with Chris Garret.

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Brian Clark

Copyblogger logo

Founder of CopyBlogger, one of the largest blogs on the net specializing in copywriting and marketing skills, Brian runs a really insightful team at CopyBlogger with fantastic e-courses about writing online.

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Yaro Starak

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Yaro Starak founded and runs and has a successful online presence in the blogging field, and makes the bulk of his income from his blogging business. He spends some of his time now teaching others to make money by blogging.

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His free ‘Blog Profits Blueprint’ Audio Course – lasting an epic 1 hour 41 minutes talks about how to make blogging your best source of income. Here’s a short extract:

What you are about to read is the result of three years of blogging and eight seven years of hands-on Internet business experience. This advice is unique because it comes from someone who knows BUSINESS as well as blogging and who has applied business principles to make money from blogs.

In order to have the best chance to make money by blogging I highly recommend putting some time aside to listen to (or read) the Blog Profits Blueprint. It’ll give you a new or refreshed look at how to profit from blogging. Particularly pay attention to the bit at 1:10:00 where he talks about the best monetization models to distance yourself from the bloggers content ‘hamster wheel’.

>>> Listen to it now

Have a look at this blog checklist too.

Once you’ve listened, and understand the effects of marketing your blog, using “pillar” articles and tapping “communication channels”. My question is – is a blog the best way to leverage these techniques?

Yaro makes the point that it's best to make make money by blogging instead of anything else because of the subscription and comment culture. But today’s websites are becoming more and more interactive; some people are even trying to use popular blogging platforms like Wordpress and TypePad to create ‘website-type’ online platforms.

The arguments whether to make money by blogging or building websites is covered here and to an extent here.

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