Make Money with Mini Sites

Learning how to make money with mini sites is much like learning to ride a bike. There’s not very much to it, but once you’ve “got it” it’s easy – but it takes a lot of skill and practice to develop it to an ‘Olympic level’.

Mini sites are engineered to be money making machines – they usually feature in a sales letter format focusing on selling a one (rarely more than a couple) of products and/or services.

The sales letter format eliminates any other choices – or distractions thereby encouraging a proactive decision; read the sales copy or leave. This is why they are so often used; if you’re familiar with Clickbank, most of the most successful products there sell using mini sites because they’re so successful at converting and landing happy affiliates.

To prove the point, Intellimon Limited – the company behind X Site Pro Web Design Software – runs two separate sales operations. It has its main "software sales" website with separate affiliate program as well as a separate 'mini site' which has an affiliate program run through Clickbank. Intellimon make money with mini sites to supplement their own brand website (this also gives them access to the hordes of affiliate partners at Clickbank).

If you have expert knowledge in a niche or topic and a large audience of loyal followers, you’ll make money with mini sites selling a specific niche product that will suit your audience.

If you’re not there yet; having an existing loyal following of traffic, resist the temptation to try and ‘chase the money’ now; even with the best product in the world and the strongest efforts you’ll likely not get noticed. If you serious want to make money with mini sites, you need to build traffic and loyal followers first

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Mini sites are also fantastic for building an opt-in mailing list – they say “the money is in the list”, and if mini sites are one of the most effective means of converting visitors into buyers, then surely it would be even easier to convert visitors into subscribers too? Yes!

** Like any opt-in form, don’t force people to opt-in. Using squeeze pages to get access to sales pages is a little unfair unless you’re offering a great incentive. Google Adwords policies dictate you shouldn’t do this – create a ‘squeeze page’ and drive Adwords traffic to it – many people get banned for doing this. Why not compromise and offer an opt-in free report/interview MP3 a little way into your sales copy?

Speaking of sales copy, it is ESSENTIAL that you read and re-read at least one book by a successful copywriter. Absolutely essential. Understanding how to write compelling copy and introduce different persuasive techniques.

If you’re writing a sales letter site you need to understand how to write sales copy!

The final massive advantage of niche mini sites is that they’re scaleable. Once you’ve created one – product, sales copy, opt-in bonus... and promoted it – you can move onto the next. Many mini site owners will build a network of mini sites.

They call it a product funnel where gradually you add more and more mini sites selling different things. Gradually, you can introduce buyers to more advanced, higher-ticket goods, communicating via different, organized email lists. Email services like allow you to manage and control hundreds of lists simultaneously and navigate buyers up your product funnel.

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