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starting eBay business

It’s vital to have your wits about you when you’re starting eBay business ventures. When you’re about to enter one of the most competitive marketplaces on the net, it's easy to be swamped by other sellers in a frenze of buying and selling. eBay is a nightmare for thousands of sellers worldwide, a bottomless pit of failure and disappointment. Equally, eBay is a goldmine for those who know what they're doing starting eBay business projects.

Do you want to be the next failed eBay seller?

starting ebay business

Truth be told, starting eBay business projects is a fantastic opportunity for almost anyone to get to financial freedom. It boasts:

• Millions of actively buying members – a ‘marketplace’ on demand

• Starting eBay business exposes your brand to thousands of individuals at a fraction of the cost of other traditional advertising and marketing media. It's an easy foothold into the market.

• It’s free and easy to set up – you can be selling in a few hours to thousands of buyers

However, anyone can set up a shop in the middle of a busy marketplace – it takes skills in ‘marketing’ your business to get any kind of results. This is where many eBay sellers trip up – they can’t get their listings to sell, or if they do they’re not selling for enough money.

The problem is critical; people are pouring time, money and other resources into sourcing supplies, setting up their accounts, auction listings and sitting their “cash-register-ready” to make a living… and failing. Even in this fantastic marketplace with millions of buyers?

Okay, so how can I market my eBay listings?

Introducing Andrew Minalto’s Easy Auction Business DVD Video Course.

starting eBay business

Andrew Minalto has one of the most inspiring eBay success stories I’ve ever heard. Fed up with working in a dusty Primark warehouse for long hours at low pay, he sunk hundreds of pounds into all kinds of starting eBay business online systems, dime-a-dozen holesale directories and dropshipping packages and even a £200 preloaded-with-goodies ‘turnkey website’ to try and make a penny off selling online.

His search for a way to turn a profit at the internets largest marketplace led him to an ultimate low point where he got scammed for thousands of pounds in four separate import deals in Asia.

That’s when he began to try putting together a coherent marketing plan for his auction business. He began to see a turn around and within months was successfully trading in four separate niches.

Andrew Minalto doesn’t claim to have ‘gotten-rich’ quick – that’s not what eBay was about. Instead, he’s dug his way out of a low-paying, dull and depressing job and now trades as he pleases - happily making over £175,000 in the last three years from his auction business alone - that's net profit!

He also spends plenty of time with his family whilst running a handful of eBay PowerSeller accounts and offering eBay consultancy services for others starting eBay business schemes.

andrew minalto Now he’s created an incredible 6-hour video course pouring everything he has learnt about starting eBay business ventures so that you can cut out:

• The painfully long learning process

• The cost of paying for dozens of wholesale supplier lists

• Even the resentment after being scammed by a stranger

Andrew is going to show you how you can be making real cash from your eBay listings, enough to turn your eBay business into a genuinely job-quitting online venture. He’s going to show you an over the shoulder view of exactly what he does.

He's so confident that he can help you achieve that goal of being financially independent for two reasons.

First, it worked for him, even back when he didn't have a clue how to profit from eBay – where he was wasting money on wholesale lists and dodgy Asian import deals, but his system now turned him around

Secondly, with the Easy Auction Business DVD Video Course, he’s been able to replicate his success with other people. EAB members are reporting profits of up to £1,500+ per week extra compared with before after starting eBay business ventures – that’s a week!

Check out these testimonials – I find it astonishing how so many people have had similar stories of pouring money into wholesale lists, guides and other promises with no success and have found Easy Auction Business turn them around!


Dan Payne, West Yorkshire - United Kingdom

I have spent or rather wasted money on countless supplier lists and promises that I could make money on eBay, only of course to be disappointed. When I stumbled across EAB I thought that it was no different, but I did some research and saw how well respected Andrew was in this field.

I decided to take the chance and made the investment and let me tell you I'm so glad I did! The package is awesome, the bonuses are invaluable and Andrew him self is fist class, he's always willing to help!

I have gone from struggling to find my way on eBay and find a profitable niche, to opening my own eBay shop and creating a professional looking retail store.

Phillip Domschke, Sinzig - Germany

This video course helped me a lot. All I had before was the dream of turning my savings over in a little extra money at the end of the month. Now it's reality.

The course helped me to find good product sources and gave me an insight into proper online marketing. I recommend this course everybody, who is starting from scratch or wants to improve his/her already existing business.

Max Gudden, Eindhoven - Netherlands

I’ve ordered EAB 6 weeks ago and thanks to it I’m nearly a powerseller on Ebay! It gave me great insights on new trading opportunities on Ebay.

The strategies are easy to use, but even if you don’t understand it completely you can always post a topic on the secret forum or ask Andrew, within 24 hours you will get a response!

The strategies even worked outside Ebay on local internet marketplaces, this gave my sales a great boost because I won’t have to pay the Ebay fees!

Another great thing is the SAT membership, it gives you ready to use eBay templates to really make a difference on Ebay, it will really boost sales!

With a little knowledge you can also use the templates outside of Ebay, I’ve created a new web-shop with it and got great compliments about the lay-out!

Don’t spend your money on wholesale lists, magic bullets that don’t exist, if you buy anything, buy this!

So what do you get?

Here’s a quick preview at what’s inside:

• A step-by-step formula how to research profitable niche markets on eBay like a Powerseller

• Six Simple Product Sourcing Methods that will steer you around and away from those disastrous scam deals

• How to create a brand buyers love and distinguish yourself from you’re competitors

• How to create listings that sell as if you’ve hired your own sales force, including twenty secret psychological buying triggers

• How to cement relationships with existing buyers to see them returning to your listings again and again

• Advanced marketing techniques to see your auctions promoted above your competition

• How to do all this without any previous business experience, thousands in start-up capital and without being a complete techie. Yes, this opportunity really is for everyone.

This DVD Video Course on it’s own is worth every penny for giving you a shortcut route to a successful eBay business.

But Andrew doesn’t stop their...

Prepare to be stunned by Andrew's Bonus Package...

starting eBay business

Andrew Minalto is also CEO of Spicy Auction Templates, the internet’s largest collection of professionally designed eBay auction templates. A compelling template can make all the difference between keeping a buyers attention or them clicking away.

Spicy Auction Template members have reported a doubling in sales overnight after switching their templates over. I’ve uploaded a sample template for you to see here; it’s selling the Blu-Ray DVD ‘Rambo 4’.

Here’s a quick lowdown on what Spicy Auction Templates includes:

• 750+ Gorgeous and Ready-to-Go eBay templates organized by eBay category for you to cut and paste into your auction listings.

• Step-by-Step ‘Fastrack’ Action Guide videos that will show you how to create listings that sell freakishly fast

• Advanced Marketing Strategies showing you how to test different customer attraction and promotional campaigns

• Entry into a monthly ‘Pimp My Auction’ prize draw for a custom-made auction template by one of the professional Spicy Auction Templates graphics designers

• Lifetime access to the Spicy Auction Templates Members Area, a private discussion area for learning and sharing priceless starting eBay business tips from other SAT members

• Desperate eBayers Video Show – a monthly internet TV show that talks about the latest eBay buzz trends, and how YOU need to stay ontop of your auctions. This is priceless information that will let you leapfrog your competitors.

Spicy Auction Templates free

Spicy Auction Templates is a shortcut to creating stunning auction listings that sell! Andrew sells this package all day, every day for $97 (around £65) but you get it for FREE with your Easy Auction Business Video Course.

But Andrew hasn’t stopped there. He’s created an even more exclusive Easy Auction Business Members Forum just for EAB members to share their own eBay experiences, tips and strategies with other EAB members. This private community is shielded away from the buzz and hype on the rest of the internet.

You’ll get a Free One Hour One-to-One Coaching Session with Andrew himself – no customer service rep, no automated bot, but Andrew himself. Andrew offers professional consultancy services and would typically charge £67 for every hour of his time, but it won’t cost you a dime. £67 for consultancy with a leading eBay Powerseller is an absolute steal on its own – well worth the price of the course just for this! Whilst running his own eBay businesses and consulting services, Andrew cannot promise this bonus will lie around forever. This is for fast movers only!

starting eBay business

Heck, after watching the DVD Course you can grill him as much as you like about how to make your starting eBay business wildly successful.

And just for visiting!

Andrew really has hit the ball out of the park with his massive bonus package, but just for taking a look at his offering he’ll give you free access to his Easy Auction Business Video Newsletter.

I am personally a massive fan of Andrew’s newsletter which typically features dozens of different topics from multi-part ‘How to Drive More Visitors to Your eBay Auctions Part’ to ‘How to Import Products from China’ to ‘Building an Online Shop’.

This newsletter is yours for free just for taking a look at his website.

Let's recap

The Easy Auction Business DVD Video Course includes:

• 6 Hours of step-by-step guides and over-the-shoulder insight into a Powersellers eBay Business

• FREE! Spicy Auction Templates Bonus Package [worth £65]

• FREE! Easy Auction Business Members-Only Forum [Priceless]

• FREE! One-on-One Coaching Sessions with Andrew Minalto [worth £67]

And just for taking a look...

• FREE! Easy Auction Business Video Newsletter [Priceless]

Total Bonus Value: £132!

(and that isn’t some made up figure. Andrew actually sells these bonuses all day, every day. It’s not some backend product. This is genuine value for money)

Want to find out more? Take a look at the Easy Auction Business DVD Video Course.

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