What Sells Well on eBay?

What Sells Well On eBay

What sells well on eBay is the question that baffles every Powerseller, casual trader and even multi-million pound eBay businesses. A question with many answers –

Something that sells well, may not necessarily be super profitable. iPhones for example are a regular seller and are popular amongst eBay buyers but sourcing them with a big enough profit margin to make it worth while (after eBay and PayPal fees) makes them a difficult market for all but those with the deepest pockets. Worse, the countless scams related to wholesale branded electronics make products like iPhones a risky business.

--> Remember to use my thorough internet scam check system to evaluate potential suppliers. You can use services like eBay Pulse or TeraPeak to evaluate what is selling well on eBay, although some of these are premium paid services

eBay is a buyers paradise. The customer is always right, and armed with the power to inflict negative feedback on a seller at their will, they are very in control of the situation. Picking products which won’t cause many problems, particularly in the after-sales process is crucial.

Picking products which are easy to store, ship and replace is also important, but conversely, products which are harder to store and manage may mean less competition is experienced so you could have larger profit margins.

The holy grail of eBay is hardly going to be given away at a drop of a hat, but there are some experts out there helping to steer people in the right direction. One of those experts is PowerSeller Andrew Minalto – he’s given a strong hint in one of his newsletters.

• He can show you where to source this “group” of products – profitably
• He explains why it works well
• ...and it begins with 'B'

After a bit of fishing around, I managed to dig up this newsletter from the archives

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