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add url to lycos

Add URL To Lycos Through Google

Everyone talks about Google and Yahoo!, no one talks about that cute black dog in the window. Let's look at a simple scenario: you just launched that website you've dreamed about for a long time, but don't know where to start? You heard about Google and Yahoo! already, but where do you add URL to Lycos?

With the Search Engine wars between Bing, Yahoo!, and Google, Lycos admitted defeat and no longer hosts their own search engine. However, you can still get extra traffic from a few tips, as well as honing your SEO skills for Google in the future!

Follow the Optimization Rules: Following the basic SEO rules is a must. Build your content as usual, making it well written and formatted properly for other search engines to see. In other words: no dirty tricks (that means no spamming).

Build a Relationship With Backlinks: Backlinks is very important to the link building process. But backlinking should be used with caution: adding links to linkfarms or spam directories banned by other search engines will also have an effect on your own page.

Go Crazy with Formatting!: Well, not that crazy, unless you want your site banned from Google. When adding content to your site, be sure to utilize HTML formatting tags. For example: "B" for Bold, "I" for Italics, H1-H6 for headers, and the like.

Keywords: If it's an article you want noticed, remember to add the keyword to your article-but sparingly as too much of it can be sought as spam. You can also use the Bold HTML formatting tag to the keyword, however it should only be used once per keyword mentioned.

Submitting to a Quality Directory: Once your site has taken off, it's time to add it to DMOZ (Open Directory Project and the Yahoo! Directory. Once your site is approved and listed, not just Google and Yahoo!, but Lycos and other search engines you've never heard of will eventually pull your site from the results!

Summary: That's all there is to it when it comes to having your site listed on the loneliest search engine on the web. But once you've done all the work on your end, it won't be alone anymore-and you will have made a new friend, or 1,000.

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