Google Submit URL | How do I submit my site to Google?

You can submit website to Google here: Google Submit URL

When you submit website to Google, take care to avoid submitting a web address that is already indexed by Google. You can check this by searching this term on Google:


For example; this website will show up under -

Google will typically crawl your site within a week and index some (not necessarily all) of your pages. There are various things you can do to make sure Google indexes as much of your pages as possible;

• Make sure you have static text links from your home pages to your other pages, and from there more static text links to your other pages. If you have a javascript navigation column, search engines cannot read it. Consider adding links in your footer for search engine use.

• If you can, submit an XML sitemap to Google in Google’s Webmaster Centre. An XML sitemap is essentially a list of what you would like search engines to index.

** This is what I did with this site – and I got indexed in 48 hours :-)

• Make sure your links work! If you have dead links, Googlebots cannot crawl them and index your pages.

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