Add URL to Excite

Add URL to Excite

Excite is swiftly becoming one of the leading search engines on the internet today. With a more grown up and sleek design than many of the other search engines, Excite is changing the way that people search for the things they need the most. When you want to submit url to Excite, it's harder than adding to many other search engines, unfortunately.

Excite gives users a very personal experience. With a homepage that is fully customizable and easy to navigate, it's not hard to see why you'd want to add your url to the Excite directory. Excite is a meta-search engine. This means that instead of being a single search engine on its own, it uses the results of other search engines to compile a list of the best sites for your search criteria.

Excite uses the top search engines on the internet including Magellan, Web Crawler and many others. It's a sophisticated search engine. Many other top search engines throw too much junk in with their page rankings. Excite believes in finding true key word relevance and providing users with the right sites for their needs.

To submit url to Excite, you'll have to go directly to the search engines that it pulls from. Go to each individual engine and have your url added. Once it has been added to as many of Excite's known search engines as possible, it will be found by search bots that go out and seek relevant sites for key word and key phrase search results.

The bots will pull your site and will add it to the Excite directory. Make sure that you have a good search engine optimization program to help you get relevance and higher ranking on the other sites that Excite draws from in order to get the best results from your inclusion to Excite. Add url to Excite and watch the traffic flow!

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