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There are many ways which you can add url to dogpile. One way is to go through an add site. These sites specialize in adding url's to different search engines all over the internet. You will pay a flat fee for their services but it really is best to add your url's yourself.

Before adding your url to any site, you should know a little bit about the search engine. Different search engines use different criteria for compiling their lists and different methods of ranking pages. Many sites use key word relevance as their beacon for finding the best pages for their viewers. As people view different sites, they become more popular.

There are search bots that go out into the internet and find out what sites are getting the most views. They rate these different sites by finding what words someone typed into a search engine in order to access that site's url. It then verifies the relevancy and ranks the pages accordingly.

The major issue with adding your url to dogpile is that there is no way to do it, simply. There is no link where you can add a url directly to dogpile. Dogpile is not a single search engine itself. It's a meta-search engine which means that it accesses other search engines and pulls the information together to provide its own results.

So what you need to do in order to get your url on dogpile is actually to get your url onto major search engines like Yahoo, Google and You must make sure that you've got search engine optimization down pat with these engines in order to get anywhere in their page rankings. There are plenty of very good sites out there that are not ranked in the first ten to fifteen results so they don't have decent traffic flowing to them.

In order to get search word relevance high with your site, you've got to check out the competition. Find out what your direct competitors are using as their key words and key phrases. Don't copy everything of anyone else's, you've got to make your site unique so you maintain a constant flow of new viewers.

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