List of Best Search Engines

Voted by themselves!

The definitive list of Best Search Engines voted by the search engines themselves. The full results are shown from Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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list of best search engines

Perhaps Google is exceptionally humble, but they seem to have emitted themselves from their own results.

list of best search engines

Yahoo haven't shyed away from including there own results this time, but they've scored a bit an own goal by ranking '' top!

list of best search engines

Bings results are much more random, and they've included a total of three times as well as Wikipedia twice.

So what does this mean

It means search engine's can't identify themselves for what they are! :D

This chart shows each result that showed up and how they performed on each (I've 'inverted the metrics - i.e. First result gets 10 - to make the graph look right)

list of best search engines

>>> See the larger version of the graph on Flickr So according to the search engines... here is the

10 Best Search Engines

In ascending order (and discounting the Wikipedia/Search Engine Watch entries!)

#10 -

#9 -

#8 -

#7 -

#6 -

#5 - (thanks entirely to the single Yahoo #1 ranking!)

#4 -

#3 -

#2 -

#1 -

Notice the emission of Microsoft's hard worked Bing: The algorithms have voted. Massive SEO consultancy potential for Microsoft I think!

list of best search engines

List of Best Search Engines - Ed Fry

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