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The add url Teoma algorithm is the source of the most powerful search engine on the web. Also known as "ExpertRank" the secret to's ground-breaking technology is the way that it optimizes subject-specific popularity as its basis for density parameters. Because it focuses on recognizing the most reliable sites (based on quality content and search relevance) as opposed to the most popular (based on quantity of clicks) it ultimately guarantees incredibly precise results. It works by constantly analyzing and updating data on the web as it changes, clustering results based on three criteria: topics, their experts, and their page popularity among the experts.

In order to get your url recognized as "authoritative" and therefore "best" you will first of all need to know that the webcrawler Teoma uses to comb the internet will follow all links from other pages (any HREF tags in hypertext). Therefore, in the simplest manner, having your site referenced from several places scattered through the web will direct the crawler to your url, boosting your integrity in the index it is creating. It will also follow all SRC links and re-directs.

Re-directs are important if you are trying to influence Teoma. If you have any old or broken links that can "re-direct" the spider (crawler) to your new or updated site it will count it as legitimate or authentic indicator and add it to your overall score.

SRC links work the same way: the more source code files containing your url that are scanned by the spider during its webcrawl, the more it will "encounter" your address, again raising your score.

To employ these strategies, you could build dummy sites full of redirects and SRC's (not recommended), or you could network your url with related content (highly recommended). By having your site linked with other related sites, you create a network of quality content that will expose your site to more pages (quantifying your density) while simultaneously unifying the content (qualifying your "popularity").

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