What is a Squeeze Page?

What is a squeeze page? What is it used for? How can it improve my business results?

A squeeze page is a short, conversion-focused page designed to capture a ‘leads’ email address in order to market to them in the future. A squeeze page is usually (but not always) the first page that will be presented in a mini site or a sales site. Squeeze pages can also form the basis for opt-in ‘pop-ups’.

What is a Squeeze Page useful for?

The function of a squeeze page – to get the opt-in – is disruptive to most people’s browsing and so it needs to be short, to-the-point and maximize the benefits of opting in. Typically you will find only a headline, a short introductory headline, some bulletpoints, an anti-spam policy (don’t forget that one!) and the opt-in form.

Squeeze pages give a visitor two options: opt-in or leave.

That’s why they’re so favoured for building up mailing lists. They cut out the distractions and make it crystal clear what you want them to do.

A couple of tricks to increase opt-in rates:

• Offer an incentive – a free report is pretty much standard these days. Go above and beyond – OVERdeliver to your potential subscribers and earn their subscription

• Use different media – Audio and Video can help increase response rates by stopping the visitor in their tracks and engaging with them

• Make it easy – don’t ask for too much information. A name and email is more than enough. Don’t go asking for too many personal details. Do you give strangers in the streets your phone number? Exactly.

Enough jibba jabba – let’s look at an example

So You Want to Succeed with Email?

Email marketing has the highest ROI of any kind of online media, but it is so often neglected or ignored in your online marketing efforts. What if you could use email, to reach and engage with prospects and stir their desire to buy? What could that do to your business and your profits?

• Build long-term relationships with proven buyers

• Generate repeat customers

• Lower expenditure on attracting ‘new’ buyers (everyone know’s that takes a LOT more time and money than selling to people who know and like you)

So have a look at the form below to get started – don’t worry. I hate spam with a passion!

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