Teen Business Ideas

teen business ideas

As we covered in part 1, teen business ideas need to be enjoyable, lucrative and easy to fade in and out of when you’re under the pressure of exams or whatever.

So here’s a few ideas:

1) Buy and Sell Cakes

When I was 14, we had a business studies project at school. Fed up with the overpriced and cr*p quality of the food the caterers were dishing up, I looked to starting a competing service. Sourcing the best packaged, long shelf life and tasty goods was the easy part (if there ever was an easy part). Drumming up business and developing a loyal customer base was a totally different matter…

But here’s a few suppliers you should consider taking a look at:

> Ginsters

> Buttercup Bakery

> Fabulous Baking Boys

> Sweets Wholesale (or their smaller division, sweets2yourdoor.co.uk)

What I noticed was that generally people within your age range and are close to you will be more likely to buy and become regulars.

2) Buy and Sell Video Games

Okay, so almost everyone has an Xbox or PlayStation or Nintendo Wii these days and there’s a massive market for games – particularly amongst us boys. Whether you play games yourself or not isn’t important; I bet you can find at least half a dozen serious gamers who you could market games to.

Here are a few trustworthy and affordable suppliers (who will “dropship” for you – i.e. they ship straight to the customer on behalf of you):

Entertainmentcorner.co.ukXtrajelly (part of Gamejelly, but without the subscription fee)HardwareHeroes

3) Sell Your Services

Do you have a talent or skill? Could you teach it or charge people per hour for it? Music, drama, art, design skills – whatever!

Peter Jones, the famous entrepreneur started out aged 16 by launching a tennis academy when the courts weren’t busy. He built up a base of loyal clients and was hiring staff to help him in months. What’s great is that tennis was his passion and he could make money from it.

** But as a teenager, there is one system for making money passively which everyone must look at – tell me more!

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