Search Engine Optimization Rules

The Ten Commandments for SEO

search engine optimization rules

Our Search Engine Optimization Rules for Webmasters: The Ten Commandments of SEO

#1 - Your Search Engine is Your Ultimate Source of Free Traffic

Your search engine is your sole source of free traffic. Even if you’re getting traffic from forums or blogs – that traffic itself has started out as a search engine query. Don’t forget that – the search engines have the almighty power.

#2 -Thou Shalt Not Mix Google and Yahoo Adverts on Thy Same Page

The two don’t mix – Google and Yahoo, it’ll be like the battle of the Titans. Mixing the two will probably kill your credibility to the search engines and also result in account suspensions on your appropriate advertising accounts

#3 -Thou Shalt Not Use Link Farms

Links are all about building credibility for websites based on human judgment. Link farms are a complete violation of that and you will be punished with low rankings. It's one of the most often abused search engine optimization rules

#4 -Thou Shalt Make Wrong Use of Google/Yahoo/Microsoft Terms and Conditions

If you use any search engine service, tool or product – then abide by the terms and conditions, particularly if they’re all linked by the same account. Google will take note if you repeatedly click on your own Adsense ads, money-launder via Google Checkout and spam every nation with Gmail!

#5 - Honour thy Domain Registrar and thy Host

Keep your domain registrar and host happy by not treading on their terms and conditions too. Bringing a company into disrepute is more trouble than its worth. Getting a reputation with one firm will also spread. Why? Because Google can discriminate an entire hosts client based on one serious offence.

#6 - Thou Shalt Commit Industrial Web-Espionage

Apart from it being illegal, breaking into other websites or companies for the purpose of exploiting their information to your commercial advantage...

...yes, do check on your competitors backlinks and all but don’t go and crash their servers!

#7 - Thou Shalt Keep Thou Pages Free from Adult Content

Again, search engines have to put their advertisers first, and generally they don’t like to be known next to adult material…

That goes for anything racist, descriminatory and/or illegal too!

#8 - Thou Shalt Not Steal Others Content and Functions

Google is clever enough to distinguish between copycats and the original publishers. Google will use resources such as the Web Archive to determine who published the material first, and rank them accordingly. Google is pretty merciless towards content copiers – the get rich quick from Adsense and copied content is re

#9 - Thou Shalt Not Lie

If you produce material which is manipulative or deceitful, then over time it will crash back down on you. Google and others are smart enough to recognize human actions and trends; if you’ve got dozens of forum links in saying how disgraceful your webpage is for example…

#10 -Thou Shalt Be Jealous of Thy Competitors – Instead invest in better software and tools to outdo them!

Trying to mimick or copy your competitor’s success will get you nowhere. Search Engine can distinguish between the innovator and the copycat. Don’t think copying – think smart! Invest in better software and tools and try to out-compete your rivals at the search engines. It’s a much more sustainable path anyway.

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