Mini Site Formula

Looking for a mini site formula to earn you BIG income?

Mini-sites are used by many of the top internet marketing earners – often a whole army of them all promoting different products. They are easy to set up and with the correct guidance, they can be incredibly efficient.

Mini Sites are “Set-and-Forget”

Minisites are great because they require very little maintenance or attention. The idea is you set up a simple website consisting of a few pages which you aim to drive traffic through and then leave them to work.

What can you sell on mini-sites?

Almost anything, but try and restrict each mini-site to focusing on one particular product. If you’ve got an Amazon-sized shopping store, then consider more ZenCart than minisites! You may also find mini-sites much more effective with e-Goods – downloadable products which people can simply help themselves to after paying.

mini sites forumula

Where do I start the mini site formula?

I was recommended these videos so I had a look and I was amazed. I learnt so much – from what a ‘squeeze page’ was, how to write killer sales copy (you can find e-Books with that stuff for £30+), a list of recommended sources and also a business plan structure – how you can create a ‘funnel’ of mini sites where you can earn significant income.

Whether you’re starting out on the internet, or you’re already an experience internet marketer – taking a look at these videos won’t do any harm. You’re almost bound to pick up something new and useful.

The videos break down as follows:

#1 – Introduction

#2 – The Basics

#3 – Squeeze Pages

#4 – Mini Site Copywriting: Part 1

#5 – Mini Site Copywriting: Part 2

#6 – How to Automate the Delivery of Your Product

#7 – How to ‘Grow’ Your Sale

#8 – Creating an Affiliate Sales Force

#9 – Mini Site Mistakes to Avoid

#10 – Secrets of Creating a Product Funnel

#11 – Outsourcing Secrets for Working Less, and Making More

#12 – How to Get Tons of Traffic for Your Mini Site


Here’s two great things about the videos

1) Each video is sub-divided into short, two-minute long videos to help you learn and absorb everything quicker and more efficiently.

2) They’re free! That’s it – so take a look now and set yourself up for making money online.

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