Make Huge Profits Flipping Websites

Make huge profits flipping websites. It’s simple - here’s the business model:

1) You buy or build a website.

2) You add value to the website

3) You sell the website and profit from the difference.

What you are doing is creating a business opportunity for someone to buy. What is a businesses value?

Think of a business as a profit-generating machine. How much would you pay for that machine? Most probably a figure based on how much profit that machine is going to make over the mid-to-long term future. That’s the value of the machine.

What buyers are looking for is how much money they can make in the long term from owning your profit-generating machine – that machine is a business – which is your website.

make huge profits flipping websites

You become a business broker, in effect. Instead of running those websites for three or so years to earn those profits ‘from’ the business, you cash-in straight away by selling the profit potential of the business. With that money, you could simply repeat the process on a larger scale.

This isn’t Get-Rich-Quick; flipping websites takes lots of work to create that current and later value. The trick is how to “buy low” and “sell high”, maximizing the difference which becomes YOUR profit.

The nature of adding value to a website, can take some time to master but here’s some basic ideas you could implement to ‘add value’ to a website:

• Increase traffic

• Get higher search engine rankings

• Increase subscriber base

• Increase sales

• Hire copywriters to write articles

• Build in-pointing links

• “Prettying-up” the graphics

Selling your website can also dip into complications. It’s a good idea to sign a written agreement between the buyer and seller in order to reference any future disputes. Typically this should be written by a legal team of sort.

There is however a shortcut that even those just starting out with little or no money to spend on buying domains can do, and yet still earn big money.

Discover the shortcut to make huge profits flipping websites

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