Free to Join Affiliate Programs

Here’s my top list of free to join affiliate programs. Admission and acceptance cost nothing, but it’s totally up to you to put in the time and efforts to promote their products in order to get paid.

I recommend these free to join affiliate programs not only because they're with reputable brands with products that convert, but because they also offer great tools and training for their affiliate partners. This makes such a difference when picking products to promote.

wordtracker logo

Wordtracker's Affiliate Program – Wordtracker is one of the leading keyword research firms and besides offering a suite of free tools and training they offer a subscription service to their full toolset. Commissions are only 15%, but on $59 monthly sales this soon adds up.

More importantly, keyword tools are viewed as essential by anyone looking to identify keywords to try to rank for at the search engines – you can leverage this fundamental need with Wordtracker’s affiliate tools. You can cookie visitors even on the popular free tools. You can Sign-up here

Amazon logo

The leading hard-goods retailer, Amazon offers a comprehensive ‘Associates’ program for publishers to promote the webs favourite online store. Commissions can range as high as 10% - which on hard goods is fantastic – and conversion rates are usually high.

This is where Amazon excels. They’ve built a streamlined, high-converting store which constantly looks to add items to basket, offer recommendations, show what others bought, publish customer reviews etc. The key thing you have to do is simply “get ‘em there”. Amazon does the rest.

Most people are familiar enough with Amazon to trust it as a brand. Many will have existing accounts, where the clever tracking and cookie technology displays personalized recommendations for each page. Despite only a 24-hour cookie, you should be using Amazon to secure lots of low-end commissions.

If You're In Travel...

Hotels Combined searches across 30 major travel sites to find the best hotel rates. This comprehensive search facility comes in tandem with a 70% commission on any revenues earned with a 1 year cookie.

With even the option of white label interactive search boxes to put on your site, Hotels Combined is a must-promote affiliate program in the travel industry.


AWeber, the email marketing service providers offers a simple, yet engaging affiliate program. I was pleasantly surprised at how they go above and beyond other affiliate programs offering not just banners and ‘I <3 AWeber’ badges, but an arsenal of ‘affiliate promotion tips’, free distribution rights on pre-written content and a three other important features I’d like to show you now.

The AWeber blog can be streamed straight to your promotions with your affiliate ID embedded. It looks like this:

You can “make the system sell itself” with this email campaign ‘The Test Drive’ which answers prospects' questions, overcomes objections and sells them on using AWeber to manage their email marketing. It converts subscribers at a rate of 21%! This is one example of a form they offer.

Can You Have More Sales, Too?
Helping over 65,000 businesses like yours raise profits and build customer relationships using AWeber's opt-in email marketing software for over 10 years.
Take a Free Test Drive today!

They also give you the chance to offer exclusive hour-long bonus video seminar by Jonathan Mizel – touted "master of targeted opt-in e-mail” including free email sales letters to promote it - which looks like this.

Finally, AWeber sends out a sends out a dedicated newsletter packed with tips, techniques and more strategies for you to try out – as well as an affiliate training eCourse when you sign-up.

AWeber really do go above and beyond to get you on their side and promote their product. Email marketing still statistically offers the highest ROI of any marketing medium (if used correctly) and AWeber remains the industry leader. It’s a no-brainer to promote these guys.

Web copywriting is an art, an art that is in-demand and something that can only be taught by true experts. This imbalance in supply and demand makes the entire copywriting industry incredibly lucrative. Consider every website on the internet today is trying to achieve something – be it getting an opt-in email address, get a phone call or sell something and powerful web copy is essential to that success.

Given that copywriting courses have to use web copy in order to sell their course, this reaffirmation will truly sell. Like Amazon – themselves experts in converting visitors into buyers – the best copywriting courses will do all the selling. You could very nearly fire ‘any’ visitor at one of these pages – although if you warm them up with an opportunity like this (why I can promote this $297 product to anybody) before hand you could be instore for some serious commissions.

I recommend the Web Copywriting University Program - $100 per referral. First off, have a read through the web copy actually selling the course. Picture the potential.

My favourite of the free to join affiliate programs however has to be the SiteSell 5 Pillar Program. SiteSell Inc. the company behind Site Build It run their ‘5 Pillar Affiliate Program’ promoting their three products: Site Build It (do it yourself), SiteSell eLearning (get some help) and SiteSell Services (do it for me) building top 3% traffic websites. Commissions (set at 25%) can soar to as high as $250 come from promoting the higher end products.

The potential in this market is huge – SiteSell is specifically aimed at individuals and small businesses, the latter are a great match for SiteSell services ($150-250 commissions) and SiteSell – as an option for producing websites – is not only affordable compared with ‘traditional’ web designers, but it gives much better ROI.

SBIers get traffic. That’s one of the dozens of reasons why many of them stay on – yes, SiteSell run recurring commissions. And with their new monthly option on their standard (but most popular) Solo Build It (do it yourself) conversion rates are at an all time high.

Dozens of creatives from banners, videos and e-Books you can embed your affiliate URL in to free tools you can offer your visitors like Spam Check It - a tool that measures the spam rating of email your about to send - and Testimonial Build It; Easily create a list of testimonials at the click of a button.

An example of one of the videos available to use

Dozens of different landing pages, categorized by how ‘far along’ your prospect is in the Solo Build It process, each come with a detailed marketing guide how to maximize their effectiveness including proven tips and strategies for each method.

A rare, but powerful feature is the offline marketing tools available. A full suite of print media, seminar slideshows complete with speaking notes and even ready-to-be-printed book to give away to local businesses can be set up with a click of the button from within the main affiliate control area.

And not to worry about the possibility of losing the lead with the referral lock-in program where you can enter their email address to affirm you get credit for the sale. You can even use SiteSell’s remote order form to collect orders offline and enter their details within your secure area.

Your secure affiliates area by the way comes complete with video tours and training programs to not only make you a fighting fit affiliate, but a prospering all-round marketer.

Have a look at some of the marketing materials

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