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An absulutely vital e-commerce directory - Yell.com

The Yellow Pages is THE DIRECTORY every business should consider looking to be listed in. Yell.com is the online version of the yellow pages, and although it doesn’t match Google for traffic – Yell.com get’s well over 200,000 visitors per day.

Features and benefits of paid Yell.com advertising:

• Yell.com gets over 6.6 million users per month, nearly a third (27 per cent) of whom go on to buy.

• 59 per cent of Yell.com advertisers say Yell.com is their only online advertising medium.

90% of Yell.com users find the information that they are looking for

Yell.com offer fixed and flexible payment plans to suit all kinds of businesses. You can find out more about Yell.com here. Kelkoo

Kelkoo is the largest consumer e-commerce directory and shopping comparison site in the UK. It allows visitors to instantly compare the prices of hard-goods from every listed vendor including details such as shipping and extras. >>> To get listed on Kelkoo click here. Other shopping comparison sites > Shopzilla

> SmartShopping

You should also look to build commercial partnerships with websites related to your niche. Get in contact with some websites related to your niche, offer to pay for advertising on a per monthly basis or offer them some other incentives (more of that later) in exchange for banners/articles on their website selling your products.

You can use two Site Build It tools to do this – firstly, Search It! Search It! is a software application that allows you to find what you’re searching for with ease – offering a range of different search functions.

Click on the Search It! link and then select ‘Inbound Link Opportunities’ and play around with it.

Secondly, SBI has created a links exchange program for anyone to use (incidentally there's a great free e-Book through the link - Make Your Links Work). Sign-up here before continuing. Essentially, Value Exchange is a match-making service for webmasters where you are paired up based on keywords, SBI’s Value Exchange is supposed to improve the link credibility of each participating website. Each interaction can be initiated via an automated email, but it’s up to the partners involved to add links.

Although links exchanges are something totally different, the match-making process does make it very useful for finding other related business-seeking websites in your niche in a click.

When you get informed via email that “You’ve got Matches”, don’t click to send the automated links exchange request, but instead contact the websites you think would be suitable for advertising on individually and put forward your proposal. Of course, exchange links where appropriate but the task at hand is finding related potential publishers. If you want link building tips and techniques click here. Look at each site in detail – and then edit this template email to put forward your proposal.


I’ve been looking for an advertising partner for my website {insert your website’s name} for a long time, and after stumbling across your fantastic site – I was wondering, would you be interested in advertising my website in return for a {monthly/annual} fee?

Browsing around your site, I think these places would be prime spots:

{a few URLs to suitable web pages}

Do let me know what you think at {your professional email address – not a hotmail/gmail/yahoo or any other free web address!}. Hopefully we can both make some money!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

{Name + Title + Website address again}

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