Deep Link Building

The Whys, The Wheres and The Hows

Deep link building adds credibility to your overall website, as well as glossing up the page-being-linked-to’s appearance to the search engines. Remember, links that work are all about proving yourself to be a trustworthy and reliable source – if one of your specific pages has lots of links directly to that page, it means that lots of humans recognize the value of the page – search engines pick up on this!

What are deep links?

Deep links are links to a website that do not go straight to the homepage – the top URL. For example; a link to would be an example of a deep link, as opposed to a link straight to

Techniques to Build Deep Links

The idea of deep links is to improve the credibility of an individual page specifically, so you need to chase your ideal reader audience, find them and look to build links there. Targeted link building is important – you don’t want to go and waste your time and money!

Forums are a great place to reference directly to individual pages as well as Question and Answer platforms such as Yahoo Answers – provided the pages you’re linking to are appropriate to the conversation; they must naturally lead onto your page.

Some directories also offer deep linking – here’s a great list of 37 free Deep Links Directories. Directories are easy links - just make sure you abide by their editorial policies!

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