Hands-On DVD Review: Climbing the Ranks of Google

Climbing the Ranks of Google

'Climbing the Ranks of Google' ~ Presented by Steven Britton, Top Grade Tutoring

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Review: Ed Fry


Perfect for beginners, Steven’s DVD introduces some of the basic practices of SEO in an easy to understand, digestible format on his hour-long DVD. He also includes a second disk packed out with resources including free Web CEO Software.

Publisher and Author

Steven Britton runs Top Grade Tutoring, a private tuition firm which particularly focuses on Maths since 2005. His DVD has been on Amazon since July 2009


The DVD is divided into six separate chapters about 10 minutes long, which each introduce a new idea explaining some of the theory and basic techniques of building a ficticious site

Although he claims the DVD is suitable for beginner-to-intermediate level viewers, I would suggest that people already with a sound understanding of optimization may be better off spending there money elsewhere. The introduction to each concept is clear and concise (which is a welcome relief to the “noise” of internet forums and blogs!), the theory and explanations of the how’s and why’s aren’t as detailed as someone looking to ‘go a step further’ might demand.

For a beginner with little or no idea about search optimization, it is a fantastic introduction to ranking higher without waffling on unnecessarily.

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