Advantages of e-Commerce

What are the advantages of e-Commerce? What do I have to benefit from being online?

Imagine owning a shop which could reach a global audience, operate 24/7 – 365 days a year and not suffer the problems of staffing regular shops do?

e-Commerce brings the world to you and with it, the world’s wallets. For niche players in particular, you can find a whole audience of people actively seeking you out. Remember each search at Google means someone is trying to achieve something - such as buying a product.

Automation cuts out the need for human processes. Payments can land in your bank account and orders be transmitted to your fulfillment centre without any human interference. You don’t need staff to handle extra custom (simply fulfill them).

There are some drawbacks of trading online however which you should be away of before considering entering the worldwide web. Read our disadvantages of e-commerce

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