Advanced SEO Services

Advanced SEO services can take your site to the next level. We’re talking firms which spend their days analyzing changes in Google algorithms with a fine tooth comb and finding the most successful solutions for their clients.

Big solutions often mean big money – so before you go and spend thousands on getting your site ship-shape for Google, here’s a mini-guide to finding genuine, professional search engine optimzation services.

There are some so called advanced SEO services who will guarantee to get you to the top of Google. These companies are best avoided, or if you’re considering a company with a guarantee that is similar – do your background research.

How can a third-party firm guarantee results in something it has no influence over? Here's something for you to think about...

True SEO is a Myth!

If you think you or any firm can keep up with Google’s automated algorithms which can change more frequently than it matters, you’re getting yourself into an endless game.

Only those on the inside of Google will have a chance at keeping up – and even then, you probably wouldn’t be able to match the bots and there would almost definitely be a clause in your working contract about keeping Google’s secrets quiet!

Companies offering guarantees-to-the-top are ALWAYS on the back foot. They are watching in and reacting to what has already happened. Whilst they may be able to predict what is going to happen, and source good ways to optimize for algorithms – it’ll always be just that; a prediction.

Think of a weatherman. Weather services invest huge sums of money into predicting the weather and putting together forecasts. Are they always right? No! They’re looking at changes already in process, and are looking at past occurrences to predict what will happen next.

Advanced SEO services should think smartly and not try and fix two pieces of a jigsaw together with such fluid companies like Google. Genuine optimization is ensuring that your pages are well targeted towards your specific keyword. You should make the search engines want to rank you high by tickling all the right spots, rather than ‘just provide the right answer’.

What do you reckon is the more sustainable solution? Targeting your site and it’s pages to specific keywords, or chasing fluid algorithms?

So where should I go for Advanced SEO services?

Wherever you go, you should always find someone who can talk to you and tailor a solution to your site – don’t buy a “package”. You should look for proof that they know what they’re talking about, reference them with other clients and any articles or reviews on them. You should feel able to take over the reigns at any time – think of SEO as tutoring. Ideally, you need to understand search engine optimization enough to make your own judgements.

Let me show you what I use for advanced SEO services; SEOmoz

An interview with Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOmoz on the future of search engine optimization in 2009

SEOmoz is provides numerous advanced SEO services – including free webmaster tools and paid premium tools. It features comprehensive link analysis tools such as Linkscape, keyword targeting – ‘Term Target’, GeoTargeting Detection, Juicy Link Finder – and more. I use my standard members account which grants me one use per day on each of the free tools – which is ample enough (it echoes what Site Build It’s Analyze It! Says, as well as providing a more comprehensive “helicopter-view” of my sites overall optimization) – the best free tool is Linkscape – try it here.

advanced seo services

There’s also an excellent ‘Search Marketing Guide’ section, essentially a directory of e-Books explaining the world of SEO to you in simple terms – material is graded from ‘Beginner’, through ‘Intermediate’ to ‘Advanced’. The SEOmoz Store Some content is free so it’s definitely worth a look!

The SEO Marketplace is a one-stop resource for companies, clients and individuals to browse a comprehensive range of SEO jobs and contracts, as well as the opportunity to post their own services and availability. It is thee one-stop resource for advanced SEO services.

SEOmoz also comes with two excellent blogs, one where users can post their own content and ideas – YouMoz; the second featuring posts by SEOmoz editors and the highlights from YouMoz. This can range from simple changes to Google algorithms, through Twitter tips, to the weekly ‘Whiteboard Friday’ – a short webinar on a particular aspect of search engine optimization.

Some personal highlights from the main SEOmoz blog:

A-to-Z Link Building

Whiteboard Friday: The Path to Conversion

How News of Michael Jackson's Death Traveled Across the Web

I have the SEOmoz Blog fed straight to my iGoogle homepage, where I position it at the central and at the top – not even my own sites go there! You can add it to your pages to by clicking on the orange RSS icon in the navigation bar to the right of the main blog page titled ‘Subscribe’.

I’ve also set up a feed on here with Feedburner to deliver the latest three SEOmoz posts here for you all to have a look...

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SEOmoz is a simple staggering resource for advanced SEO services – even if you’re like me and don’t want to spend a dime – grab the freebies! It’ll take perhaps 2 minutes tops to set up and account – and a few minutes later a comprehensive analysis of your website right in front of your eyes. Simples.

And even if you don't go onto using SEOmoz PRO full time, at least you can go and talk to your SEO specialist and know what you and they are talking about!

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